How To Register and Activate Your ATM for Interswitch’s Safe Token

Interswitch Safe Token
How To Secure Internet Payment with Safe Token

Safe Token registration and activation enables you get the OTP code whenever you or someone wants to use your ATM card to make internet payment. What does that mean and how does it help you? Find out below int his article

What is Safe Token?

If you are a user of Quickteller or the WebPAY payment gateway, you may have encountered the request for Safe Token Registration while trying to use your ATM card to make a payment online. If you have, then you are safe. But what does it mean? Why and how do they affect your online transaction payment process? We will attempt to provide answers to these questions and more in the next few lines.

First, you may agree that the Number 1 fear of anyone carrying out payments on-line is fraud and theft of funds in one’s account. Therefore, to check against this and to boost your confidence in on-line payments platforms, the Safetoken Service generates and sends a One-Time Password (OTP) to your registered mobile phone and/or email address. This OTP is required for the completion of a payment transaction, and was put in place by the banks together with Interswitch to ensure greater security of the payment process.

Furthermore, certain transaction limits were put in place. For instance, airtime purchase is limited to a maximum daily amount of N50,000 for banks whose ATM cards have been registered for Safetoken OTP. Customers whose bank cards are not registered for Safetoken OTP are limited to a daily airtime purchase of N3,000 only.

However, transaction limits for Safetoken vary…

  1. from bank to bank
  2. according to the category of website and
  3. type of payment transaction being carried out.

This is why you would have noticed that sometimes when carrying out different types of transactions on and other websites, you may or may not be required to enter an OTP or the limits may differ.

How to Activate Your ATM for Safe Token

Registering for Safe Token is really easy.
All you need to do is register with the nearest Quickteller Enabled ATM by following these easy steps:

  1. Input your ATM card and select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
  2. Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
  3. Select ‘Others’ for the bill payment menu option list
  4. Enter ‘322222”as the Biller Code
  5. Enter your Phone Number as the Customer Reference Number and select ‘Proceed
  6. You will get a display “Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Due:N1
  7. DO NOT edit the amount to be paid
  8. Click on “Pay amount due
  9. You will then get a confirmation page indicating the registration was successful

Henceforth, any intenet payment you try to make with your Safe Token enabled ATM will send you an SMS that contains the OTP with the payment page providing you with alternative way of getting the OTP in case your SMS is delayed.



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